BAC Water

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Bacteriostatic Water is sterile making it safe for use in injections.

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Bacteria Static Water


Bacteriostatic Water is a type of water used for medical purposes that is rendered sterile and non-pyrogenic (does not cause fever) with an added preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This water is commonly used to dissolve or dilute drugs that are administered by injection. The term “bacteriostatic” refers to the water’s ability to prevent the development of bacteria, making it a safe medium for drug administration and storage.

  • Contents: Bacteriostatic Water contains sterile and purified water, and it is made bacteriostatic with the addition of a preservative, commonly benzyl alcohol (0.9%).
  • Physical Form: It is multi-dose vial.
  • Sterility: Bacteriostatic Water is sterile, making it safe for use in injections. The bacteriostatic agent ensures that the water remains sterile through multiple uses from the same vial.
  • Handling Precautions: It should be handled with care, maintaining sterility during use. Needles and syringes should be sterile, and aseptic technique should be used to withdraw and administer the solution.
  • Storage: It should be stored at room temperature and protected from light. Once a vial is opened, it should be used within a certain period to maintain its sterility and effectiveness.


Disclaimer: The information provided  is intended solely for research and educational purposes. It is not meant as medical advice, nor should it be used for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure of any disease or health condition. This is a research chemical and is not approved for human use by the FDA or any other regulatory body. Its safety and efficacy for human use have not been established. Users are advised to conduct thorough research and consult with qualified healthcare professionals before considering its use. All experimentation should be conducted in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines.

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