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ACE-031 acts by increasing the muscle mass through this pathway, potentially beneficial for those with muscle-wasting diseases.

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ACE-031 is a soluble form of the activin type IIB receptor, a protein that plays a critical role in regulating muscle growth and strength. It was developed as a potential treatment for diseases leading to muscle wasting and weakness, such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and cancer cachexia. ACE-031 is designed to bind to myostatin and related proteins that limit muscle growth, effectively acting as a myostatin inhibitor.

Research Studies

  • Preclinical Studies: Most studies on ACE-031 have been preclinical, typically on animal models.
  • Human Studies: Limited clinical trials have been conducted on humans, so its efficacy and safety in humans are not well-established. 

Potential Benefits

  • Myostatin Inhibition: By inhibiting myostatin, a protein known to suppress muscle growth, ACE-031 promotes muscle growth and strength.
  • Muscle Mass Increase: It is believed to act by increasing the muscle mass through this pathway, potentially beneficial for those with muscle-wasting diseases.
  • Muscle Wasting Disorders: Initially, ACE-031 was investigated for its potential to treat conditions like Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, where muscle loss is a major concern.
  • Potential in Other Muscle-Related Diseases: It also showed promise for other conditions characterized by muscle wasting, such as cancer cachexia.
  • Use in Bodybuilding: Despite its intended medical purpose, ACE-031 has gained attention in the bodybuilding community for its potential to rapidly increase muscle mass.


ACE-031 a potentially promising therapeutic agent for muscle-wasting diseases. The interest in ACE-031 for muscle building in non-medical contexts underscores the importance of more research studies to better understand the risks and possibilities with ACE-031.


Disclaimer: The information provided  is intended solely for research and educational purposes. It is not meant as medical advice, nor should it be used for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure of any disease or health condition. This is a research chemical and is not approved for human use by the FDA or any other regulatory body. Its safety and efficacy for human use have not been established. Users are advised to conduct thorough research and consult with qualified healthcare professionals before considering its use. All experimentation should be conducted in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines.

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